Kick Pain in the Kitchen
Kick Pain in the Kitchen Book
Kick Pain in the Kitchen Best Seller in Chronic Pain
  • Do you wish for realistic, holistic tools, which will minimize your pain and make you confident in your body?
  • Have you struggled to meet life’s demands because managing chronic pain takes so much time and effort, leaving you exhausted?

Based on the author’s experiences, Kick Pain in the Kitchen: Holistic Pain Relief You Can Eat offers you a holistic approach to pain relief that can be integrated with many treatment plans. It’s full of straightforward, every day steps that you can start using right away.

Your path to health and pain relief starts in your kitchen and supermarket cart! Learn why healthy, whole foods and other pain relieving changes can help. Plus, get a practical game plan structured through the meals of the day.

Kick Pain in the Kitchen is part informational, part inspirational, and part practical. You’ll finish the book with plenty of options and a new focus on healthy habits to relieve your pain naturally.

I will definitely recommend Kick Pain in the Kitchen to my patients: Those who are looking to avoid pharmaceutical treatment and those who want to combine western medicine with alternative therapies. 

Jane A. Swartz

ARNP, MSN, Rheumatology Nurse Practitioner

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KPITK Bio PortraitBarbara Searles, LMT, BCTMB, HHC, AADP is a board certified massage therapist. As the founder of Bodyworks Integrative Health, LLC she’s deeply passionate about helping people living with chronic pain. Her strategies have been featured in Health Monitor, Natural Awakenings, and Blog Talk Radio. When she’s not at work with her clients, you’ll find her relaxing with her family. 

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